What is Guniting or Shortcrete ?

Guniting or shortcrete is mortar or very thin concrete deposited by jetting it with high velocity on to a prepared surface. Shortcrete has wide application in different construction, such as thin over head vertical or horizontal surface.

Types of Guniting or shortcreting 

  • Dry Mix Process
  • Wet Mix process
Dry mix process :- The mixture of cement & sand is conveyed through a delivery hose pipe to a special mechanical feeder or gun called delivery equipment. The mixture is metered into delivery hose by a feed wheel on distributor. This material is carried by compressed air through the delivery hose to a special nozzle. 

Wet process :- In wet process i.e. cement , sand, aggregates and water are mixed before entering the chamber of delivery equipment. The ready mixed concrete is metered into the feeding chamber and conveyed by compressed air at a pressure of 5.5-7 atmosphere to a nozzle.

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