ASTM D3359 :- Standard Test Methods for Rating Adhesion by Tape Test

These test methods cover procedures for assessing the
adhesion of relatively ductile coating films to metallic substrates by applying and removing pressure-sensitive tape over
cuts made in the film.

Table of Contents


  • Adhesion—the molecular attraction and mechanical
    bonds between a coating and its substrate.
  • Batch—as it pertains to tape, a unique production
    run during manufacturing.
  • Blemish, —an obvious surface flaw, such as cracking
    or discoloration of the coating.
  • Environmental conditions—the characteristics of the
    immediate surroundings during the tests, such as temperature,
    and relative humidity
  • Immersion conditions—the characteristics of the
    fluid to which the test specimen was exposed, such as type of
    fluid, temperature of fluid and duration of immersion.
  • Lap—one complete turn of the tape on a roll; the
    outer exposed layer of tape.
  • Lattice pattern—one series of parallel lines inter�sected by another set of parallel lines that are at 90° to and
    centered on the first set.
  • Mean—the classification rating that is obtained by
    adding together the digits of the classification ratings of the
    tests performed and dividing by the number of tests, frequently
    rounded to the nearest whole number classification rating.
  • Pressure-sensitive tape—tape with an adhesive that
    requires some degree of pressure, and only pressure, to
    adequately bond to a surface.
  • Range—the span of classification ratings for a set
    of tests, from minimum classification rating to maximum
    classification rating.
  • Solvent—a liquid agent capable of dissolving or
    dispersing contaminants from the surface of the coating or film.
  • Substrate—the structural foundation beneath the
    coating or film being tested.
  • Template—a thin, rigid plate containing evenly
    distributed, parallel slits for use as a guide in generating the
    lattice pattern when accompanied by a single-blade cutting
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