Classification and properties of concrete

Concrete is the most widely used construction material in the world after water. It is obtained by mixing cement, water and aggregates with admixtures if required. The mixture when placed in forms allowed to cure, hardens into a rock like mass known as concrete.

Basic Components of concrete

  • Cement
  • water
  • Fine aggregates
  • Coarse aggregates
  • mineral additives and water

Cement :- It consist of calcium,silicon,aluminum,Iron oxide and magnesium.
Water :- It complete the hydration process in the concrete 
Aggregates :- Aggregates provides the wear and tear properties to the concrete and also filled the voids in the concrete.

Classification of concrete

Concrete can be classified either as nominal mix concrete and design mix concrete. sometimes concrete is classified into controlled concrete.
Nominal mix :- When we mix the concrete according to ratio is called nominal mix like 1:2:4 of concrete.
Design mix :- When we mixed the concrete according to the strength required is called design mix.

Properties of concrete 

  • Plastic stage :- In plastic stage we can mould concrete into any shape or the concrete should be workable and free from segregation and bleeding.

  • Hardened state :- Concrete should be strong, durable, and impermeable and we can not change the shape is called hardened stage.

Grade of Concrete :- Concrete is graded according to the compressive strength shown in the below table :- 

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