ASTM C 14 :- Standard Specification for Nonreinforced Concrete Sewer, Storm Drain, and Culvert Pipe

This covers non reinforced concrete pipe intended to be
used for the conveyance of sewage, industrial wastes, storm
water, and for the construction of culverts.


Pipe manufactured according to this specification shall
be of three classes identified as “Class 1 Nonreinforced
Concrete Pipe,” “Class 2 Nonreinforced Concrete Pipe,” and
“Class 3 Nonreinforced Concrete Pipe.” The corresponding
strength requirements are prescribed in

6. Materials

Concrete—The concrete shall consist of cementitious
materials, mineral aggregates, admixtures, if used, and water.

Cement—Cement shall conform to the requirements
for portland cement of Specification C150/C150M or shall be
portland blast-furnace slag cement, portland-limestone cement,
or portland-pozzolan cement conforming to the requirements
of Specification C595/C595M, except that the pozzolan constituent in the Type IP portland-pozzolan cement shall be fly

Fly Ash—Fly ash shall conform to the requirements of
Specification C618, Class F or Class C.

Fibers—Synthetic fibers and Non-Synthetic fibers shall
be allowed to be used, at the manufacturer’s option, in concrete
pipe as a nonstructural manufacturing material. Synthetic fibers
(Type II and Type III) and Non-Synthetic fiber (Type I)
designed and manufactured specifically for use in concrete and
conforming to the requirements of Specification C1116/
C1116M shall be accepted.

Water—Water used in the production of concrete shall
be potable or nonpotable water that meets the requirements of
Specification C1602/C1602M.


The joints shall be of such design and the ends of the
concrete pipe sections so formed, that the pipe can be laid
together to make a continuous line of pipe compatible with the
permissible variations given in Section 11. 


Mixture—The aggregates shall be sized, graded,
proportioned, and mixed with such proportions of cementitious materials, water, and admixtures, if any, to produce a thoroughly mixed concrete of such quality that the pipe will
conform to the test and design requirements of this specification. All concrete shall have a water-cementitious materials
ratio not exceeding 0.53 by weight. Cementitious materials
shall be as specified in 6.2 and shall be added to the mix in a
proportion not less than 470 lb/yd3 unless mix designs with a
lower cementitious material content demonstrate that the
quality and performance of the pipe meet the requirements of
this specification.

Curing—Pipe shall be subjected to any one of the
methods of curing described in 9.2.1, 9.2.2, 9.2.3, 9.2.4, or to
any other method or combination of methods approved by the
owner that will give satisfactory results. The pipe shall be
adequately cured to obtain the strength properties as described
in 5.2.

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