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Cement definition :- Cement is a Binding material whose bind the coarse and fine aggregates particles and provides harden mass structures. A cement that not only hardens by reacting with water but also forms a water resistant products.

The Difference between Concrete and Mortar 

Mortar :- A mixture of Cement , fine aggregates and water is called mortar. It is used for plastering work, screeding ,etc

Concrete :- A mixture of cement , Fine aggregates and coarse aggregates and water is called Concrete. It is a structural grade materials.

The Difference between Active and Inactive group 

Active Group :- The Active group consist of cement and water whose takes part in chemical reaction.
Inactive group :- The Inactive group comprises of fine and coarse aggregates and donot take part in chemical reaction.

Portland Cement 

Table of Contents

Calcareous materials :- Limestone, chalk, oyster shells and marl.
Argillaceous materials :- Clay, shale , slate and selected blast furnace slag

The oxide composition of Ordinary portland cement 

  • Lime 60-65 %
  • Silica 17-25 %
  • Alumina 3.-9 %
  • Iron oxide 0.5-6
  • Manganese 1-2 %
  • Sulphur trioxide 1-2 %
  • Alkalies 0.5 – 1.3 %

Compound Composition of Ordinary portland cement 

  • C3S (Tricalcium silicates ) 25-50 %
  • C2S (Dicalcium silicates) 20-45 %
  • C3A (Tricalcium aluminate)  5-12 %
  • C4AF (Tetracalcium aluminoferrite) 6-12%

Basic properties of Cement compounds

  • C3S (Tricalcium silicates ) :- Tricalcium silicates having a faster rate of reaction accommodates by greater heat evolution develop early strength.
  • C2S (Dicalcium silicates) :- Dicalcium silicates hydrates and hardens slowly and provides much of the ultimates strength.
  • C3A (Tricalcium aluminate)  :- The compound tricalcium aluminate is characteristically fast reacting reaction.
  • C4AF (Tetracalcium aluminoferrite ) :- Like C3A , C4AF hydrates rapidly but its individual contribution to the overall strength of the cement is insignificant.

Manufactures of Portland Cement 

  • Dry process 
  • Wet process

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