200 Technical terms of Civil Engineering

  • Vicat apparatus :- It is an instrument used to find the initial and final setting time of cement  
  •  Abney level :- It is a hand level instrument used for taking levels of steep slope.

  • Abram’s Law :- The strength of the concrete and mortar is inversely to the water cement ratio
  • Abrasion resistant :- Abrasion resistant means having wear and tear properties.
  • Abutment :- The end support of the bridge is called abutment.
  • Acid water :- When the pH value of water is 0 to 7 it is called acid water.
  • Alkaline water :- When the pH value of water is 7 to 14 it is called acid water.
  • Admixture :- A substance other than cement,aggregates and water added in the mix to increase its properties is called admixture.
  • Aggregates :- An inert materials whose fill the voids in concrete and provides mechanical properties to the concrete mix.
  • Alidade :- It is an instrument used for plane table surveying.
  • Alum :- It is a chemical substance used for coagulation process.
  • Aqueduct :- A Duct or conduit made of brick or stone masonry or concrete for conveying water over long distance.
  • Arch :- It is a beam curved in a vertical plane required to carry heavy load over large span.
  • Asbestos :- A Mineral silicates comprising thin and tough fibrous crystal found in veins of rocks.
  • Asbestos Cement :- Cement is mixed with Asbestos fibrous to make roof and wall cladding sheets.
  • Ashlar :- Arrange the stone wall in dressed manours.
  • Asphalt :- Mineral Hydrocarbon,black in colour,containing bituminous substance which are essential producer of petroleum decomposition .
  • Autoclave :- A pressure vessel within which sand lime bricks are cured at steam pressure and at high temperature.
  • Back sight :- Back observation is called back sight.
  • Ballast :- For the purpose of permanent ways for railways broken stone is used called Ballast.
  • Baluster :- Whose support the hand rail in staircase is called baluster.
  • Bank :- An embankment for a waterbody, a road and railways.
  • Bar :- A round, square and rectangular steel is used in concrete th provide tensile properties is called bar.
  • Barometer :- It is an instrument used to measure Atmospheric pressure is called barometer.
  • Base plate :- The plate in which a heavy machine like generator ,turbine resist is called base plate.
  • Bat :- A brick cut across its length is called bat.
  • Batch Box :- A gauge box for measuring dry ingredient for proportioning a concrete mix. is called batch box.
  • Beam :- A structural member used to support the floor and roof slab is called beam.
  • Bearing :- The horizontal angle of a line made with the true north in surveying .
  • Bed :- The under surface of a block, stone, bricks or any other materials is called bed.
  • Bending moment :- The algebraic sum of all the moments that produce the bending effects at any section of a structure due to load applied.
  • Bib Cock :- A water tap connected to a horizontal pipeline for drawing water.
  • Bleeding :- Water comes out on the surface of concrete due to excess water present in the concrete and over vibration is called bleeding.

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