How leakage occurs in Basement (Short notes )

There are so many reason of leakage in basement but these are some main points that cause some errors in our basement and disturb the aesthetic appearance.

1. Dissimilar Joints :- This is the joints of wall and floor and because wall is made up of different materials and floor is made up of different materials so chance of leakage is more because of that we have to take care special attention.

2. Floor drain seepage :- This types of leakage occurs because of some faults in drainage pipes.

3. Window wall damages :- This types of problem occurs because of expansion and contraction occurs in wall.

4. Brick and mortar joints leakage :- This types of problem occurs cracks open because of settlement in foundation and leakage occurs. 

5. Water table :- Because of water table close to the pcc floor of our basement this types of problem  occurs.

6. lack of waterproofing 

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