What is the difference between Plastering and Screeding ?


  • Plastering :- Plastering is mixture of fine sand, cement and water. The max. thickness of plastering should be less than 15 mm. Plastering cover the undulated surface in systematic manner and provides zero undulated paint surface.
  • Screeding :- Screeding is also a mixture of  Fine aggregates, Cement and water with admixture. The thickness and screed should be in between not less than 15 mm and not more than 80 mm. The purpose of screed is to provide full FFL surface and sloped surface floor.
  • P.C.C :- PCC is plain cement concrete. It a mixture of Cement, fine and coarse aggregates and water. 
  • R.C.C :- R.C.C is Reinforced cement concrete. I t is a mixture of Cement , Fine and coarse aggregates, water and Reinforcement.

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