Best civil engineering images


Table of Contents

  • Calculate the weight of steel bar

  • Wall Lining

  • Vicat Apparatus

  • Various types of loads as per IS : 875 – 1987

  • Caissons and Cofferdam Diagram 

  • Under water concreting by tremic method 

  • Characteristics strength and elongation of steel 

  • Types of piles 

  • Section of single and doubly reinforced beam

  • Timber Bridge 

  • Tilting mixer (Concreting mixer )

  • Dadi , skirting and tiles flooring 

  • Terrazzo Flooring 

  • Storage of aggregates 

  • Stoneware pipe fitting single and double junctions 

  • Earthenware and stone ware pipes socket & spigot

  • Stepped foundation 

  • Staircase and its components 

  • Strip Footing 

  • Types of slump and size of slump 

  • Types of slump and size of slump

  • Stopping distance and centrifugal force

  • Shoring 

  • Steel scaffolding and its components 

  • D.P.C , parapet wall , R.C.C Slab and Coping 

  • Damp proof  treatment of the flat roofs 

  • Damp proof  treatment of the flat roofs 

  • Rolling shutter and its components 

  • Composition of raw materials for manufacturing of Portland cement 

  • Knapen siphon tube system 

  • Types of views of building 

  • Doors and its components 

  • Various parts of Arch

  • Brick nogged partition wall

  • Brick parapet, toothing, coping, roof 

  • Different types of painting brushes 

  • Le Chatelier’s principle (Soundness test )

  • General layout of water works 

  • Inverted arch foundation 

  • Different types of hinges 

  • Grades of concrete and compressive strength 

  • Indian Toilet system layout 

  • Different types of tools used in brick masonry 

  • Ashlar faced rubble masonry 

  • Raft or mat footing 

  • Strip footing 

  • Cross section through a masonry wall 

  • Factor of safety of steel and concrete 

  • Formwork and its parts 

  • Flow diagram of water supply system 

  • Flow diagram showing rainfall distribution 

  • Flanged beam 

  • Flaky and elongated aggregates 

  • Filled spandrel arch bridge 

  • Factor of safety for steel and concrete 

  • Various components of doors 

  • Dividing Dam 

  • Dewatering by sump and ditch method 

  • Dado in Bathroom :- 

  • Earthen and Rockfill cofferdam

  • Diagram of cofferdam 

  • Breast and Retaining wall

  • Storage of cement at site 

  • Fire resistant classification of building :-  

  • Components parts of bridge structures 

  • Brick mould and its size 

  • Brick masonry tools 

  • Brick bats and closers 

  • Batch box size and weighing box

  • Components of alidade 

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