Application properties of Tile Adhesive

Shelf life:-  Time of storage under stated conditions during which an adhesive is expected to maintain its working

Maturing time:- Interval between the time when the cementitious adhesive is mixed and the time when it is ready for

pot-life:– Maximum time interval during which the adhesive can be used after mixing.

Open time:- Maximum interval after application at which tiles can be embedded in the applied adhesive and meet
the specified tensile adhesion strength requirement.

Slip:-  Downward movement of a tile applied to a combed adhesive layer on a vertical or inclined surface.

Adjustability:- Maximum time interval after which the tile’s position in the adhesive layer can be adjusted without
significant loss of adhesion strength.

Adhesion strength:- Maximum strength per unit surface area which can be measured by shear or tensile testing.

Deformability:- Capacity of a hardened adhesive to be deformed by stresses between the tile and the fixing surface
without damage to the installed surface.

Transverse deformation:- Deflection recorded at the center when a beam of hardened adhesive is subjected to three-point loading.

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