ASTM C 33 : Standard Specification for Concrete Aggregates

Standard Specification for  Aggregates

This specification defines the requirements for grading
and quality of fine and coarse aggregate (other than lightweight
or heavyweight aggregate) for use in concrete.

This specification is for use by a contractor, concrete
supplier, or other purchaser as part of the purchase document
describing the material to be furnished.

Aggregate—Granular material that has
been diverted, separated, or removed from the solid waste
stream, and processed for use in the form of raw materials or


Fine aggregate shall consist of natural sand, manufactured sand, or other recycled aggregate, or a combination
there of


The fine aggregate shall have not more than 45 %
passing any sieve and retained on the next consecutive sieve of
those shown in 6.1, and its fineness modulus shall be not less
than 2.3 nor more than 3.1
Fine aggregate failing to meet these grading requirements shall meet the requirements of this section provided that
the supplier can demonstrate to the purchaser or specifier that
concrete of the class specified, made with fine aggregate under
consideration, will have relevant properties (see Note 6) at
least equal to those of concrete made with the same
ingredients, with the exception that the reference fine aggregate
shall be selected from a source having an acceptable performance record in similar concrete construction.
For continuing shipments of fine aggregate from a given
source, the fineness modulus shall not vary more than 0.20
from the base fineness modulus. The base fineness modulus
shall be that value that is typical of the source. The purchaser
or specifier has the authority to approve a change in the base
fineness modulus.

Deleterious Substances

Organic Impurities: 

Fine aggregate shall be free of injurious amounts of
organic impurities. Except as herein provided, aggregates
subjected to the test for organic impurities and producing a
color darker than the standard shall be rejected.
Use of a fine aggregate failing in the test is not
prohibited, provided that the discoloration is due principally to
the presence of small quantities of coal, lignite, or similar
discrete particles.
Use of a fine aggregate failing in the test is not
prohibited, provided that, when tested for the effect of organic
impurities on strength of mortar, the relative strength at 7 days,
calculated in accordance with Test Method C87, is not less than
95 %


Except as provided in 8.2 and 8.3, fine aggregate
subjected to five cycles of the soundness test shall have a
weighted average loss not greater than 10 % when sodium
sulfate is used or 15 % when magnesium sulfate is used.
 Fine aggregate failing to meet the requirements of 8.1
shall be regarded as meeting the requirements of this section
provided that the supplier demonstrates to the purchaser or
specifier that concrete of comparable properties, made from
similar aggregate from the same source, has given satisfactory
service when exposed to weathering similar to that to be


Coarse aggregate shall consist of gravel, crushed gravel,
crushed stone, air-cooled blast furnace slag, or crushed
hydraulic-cement concrete (see Note 8), or other recycled
aggregate (see Note 2), or a combination thereof, conforming
to the requirements of this specification.


Sample and test the aggregates in accordance with the
following methods, except as otherwise provided in this
specification. Make the required tests on test specimens that
comply with requirements of the designated test methods. It is
not prohibited to use the same test specimen for sieve analysis
and for determination of material finer than the 75-µm (No.
200) sieve. The use of separated sizes from the sieve analysis
is acceptable for soundness or abrasion tests, however, additional test specimen preparation is required (see Note 12). For
other test procedures and the evaluation of potential alkali
reactivity, when required, use independent test specimens.

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