Standard Specification for Gypsum Plasters ASTM C 28

 Standard Specification for
Gypsum Plasters

This specification covers gypsum mill-mixed plaster,
gypsum neat plaster, gypsum wood-fibered plaster, and gypsum gauging plaster.


  1. Gypsum gauging plaster for finish coat : —a calcined
    gypsum plaster designed to be mixed with lime putty for the
    finish coat.
  2. Gypsum neat plaster:-—calcined gypsum mixed at the
    mill with other ingredients to control working quality and
    setting time.
  3. Gypsum mill-mixed plaster :—calcined gypsum
    plaster, mixed at the mill with a mineral aggregate, designed to
    function as a base coat to receive various finish coats.
  4. Gypsum wood-fibered plaster :-  calcined gypsum
    plaster in which wood fiber is used as an aggregate. 

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