Difference between Cement and Gypsum plaster

Gypsum plaster :- Gypsum is a chalk like material and is very
light in weight. It is available in crystalline form in nature.

Gypsum plaster

Cement plaster

Gypsum plater

It is made by mixing of cement water and sand

It is made up of gypsum and water no use of sand

It can be used for internal and external areas

For internal wall and celling area and no use in  wet area

Not resistant to fungus mould and algae

Safe from fungus and mould

Rough finish

Smooth finish

Cannot be  applied on smooth

Gypsum plaster can be applied on smooth and rough surface

Wastage is high

Wastage is less

Pre and post curing is required

No need of curing

Less fire resistant

More fire resistant

Increase the project cost

Decrease the project cost

Load on building is more

Load on building is less

Rusting done easily on iron surface

Perfect rust preventive agent

Can develop shrinkage

High tensile and flexural strength

Not a green building product

It is a green building product

Setting time is more

Setting time is less

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