ASTM D 5147 : Sampling and Testing Modified Bituminous Sheet Material

Standard Test Methods for
Sampling and Testing Modified Bituminous Sheet Material

These test methods cover procedures for sampling and
testing prefabricated, reinforced, polymer-modified bituminous
sheet materials designed for single- or multiple-ply application
in roofing and waterproofing membranes.

Significance and Use

These test methods are used for sampling and testing
modified bitumen sheet materials. Property requirements, determined by these test methods, are found in the following
product standards:


From each shipment or fraction thereof, select at random
a number of rolls equal to one half the cube root of the total
number of rolls in the lot. If the calculated number is fractional,
express it as the next highest whole number. For convenience,
a table showing the number of rolls to be selected from the lots
of various sizes is given in Test Method D146. When mutually
agreed upon by the concerned parties, other sampling frequen�cies may be used and reported within the framework of these
procedures. The minimum sample shall consist of five rolls.
The rolls so selected constitute the representative sample used
for all subsequent observations and tests pertaining to the lot of
material being examined.


1. The thickness measuring device shall be a micrometer
of the dial or digital-electronic type capable of measuring
dimensions to an accuracy of 0.1 mm [0.004 in.]. The microm�eter shall be equipped with a flat, circular presser foot with a
diameter greater or equal to 9.5 mm [0.375 in.] and less than 32
mm [1.25 in.]. During operation, contact between the presser
foot and the specimen shall be maintained either by a spring
inside the micrometer or by the weight of the presser foot and
attached parts

One specimen shall be obtained from each of the rolls
selected in accordance with the Sampling section of these test
methods. Each specimen shall be at least 700 mm [271⁄2 in.] in
length by the manufactured width of the roll. Five measure�ments of sheet thickness and five measurements of selvage
thickness shall be taken on each specimen. All measurements
shall be taken in a manner that requires the presser foot to
contact the side of the sheet that is intended to be exposed
when applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s instruc�tions.

Take five measurements of the sheet thickness along a
line parallel to cross-machine direction. Two of the five
measurements shall be taken 150 615 mm [6 6 0.5 in.] from
each edge of the specimen. The remaining three measurements
shall be taken at three points approximately equally spaced
(615 mm [0.5 in.]) between these two points. Refer to Fig. 1
for an illustration of the sheet thickness measurement loca�tions.

Take five measurements of the selvage thickness along
a line parallel to machine direction. The measurements are to
be taken midway between the surfacing edge and the sheet
edge or, in the case of smooth products, midway between the
laying line and the sheet edge, and spaced 150 6 15 mm [6 6
0.5 in.] apart. Refer to Fig. 1 for an illustration of the selvage
thickness measurement locations.

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