BS EN 1348 : Determination of tensile adhesion strength for Cementitious adhesives

This European Standard specifies a method for the determination of the tensile adhesion strength of cementitious ceramic tile adhesives. 

BS EN 1348

Test conditions :- (23 ± 2) °C and (50 ± 5) % relative humidity

Test materials :- Condition all test materials to be tested for at least 24 h under standard conditions.  Type of tile: type V1: dry pressed ceramic tile with a water absorption ≤ 0,5 % by mass, with facial dimensions of (50 ± 1) mm × (50 ± 1) mm.

• Apparatus :-  A mass capable of exerting a force of (20 ± 0,05) N, with a cross sectional area of less than 50 mm × 50 mm.  Square metallic plates, with dimensions of (50 ± 1) mm × (50 ± 1) mm and a minimum thickness of 10 mm, with a suitable fitting for connection to the test machine.  A test machine for direct pull tensile force test and with suitable capacity and sensitivity for the test. The machine shall be capable of applying the load to the pull-head plate at the rate of (250 ± 50) N/s through a suitable fitting that does not exert any bending force.

• An air-circulating oven capable of controlling the temperature to within ± 3 °C. 

• A notched trowel having 6 mm × 6 mm notches at 12 mm centers. 

• Mixing of the adhesive

• Pour the liquid into the pan. scatter the dry powder over the liquid; mix for 30 s; take out the mixing paddle; scrape down the paddle and pan within 1 min; replace the paddle and mix for 1 min.

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