Difference between Bonded screed ,unbonded screed and floating screed

Screeding :- It is a mixture of cement, fine sand and water with some admixture.The purpose of screed is to level the undulated surface.

Types of screed 

    1. Bonded screed 
    2. Unbonded screed 
    3. Floating screed 

        1. Bonded screed :-  This type of screed is bonded onto the substrate by applying bonding agent or slurry bonding to the concrete

        2. Unbonded screed :-  This Types of screed  are
        not bonded directly to the base, but applied to polythene sheet laid on top of the concrete base surface.

        3. Floating screed:-  This is also a unbonded screeds but generally laid on a layer of insulation.
        They are mainly used in structures with underfloor heating.

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