What is Hacking ? Why Hacking is important ?

Hacking :- Hacking is the process of creating indents marks on the concrete surface of controlled size , to help good bonding for the mortar coming in contact with it. 

Why hacking is important 

  • Hacking create a bonding bridge between surface and upcoming mortar.
  • It help to increase tensile adhesion strength of the mortar.
  • Hacking is necessary for wall tiles as the strength of the mortar is increase due to hacking. 
  • Hacking act as a bonding agent for the mortar.

Procedure of hacking 

  • Hacking of a concrete surface can start after curing of 1 day.
  • All the concrete surface to be hacked shall be cleared of any debris.
  • Cross stitching should be done during hacking as shown in diagram.
  • After completing  the hacking, surface should be thoroughly cleaned.

How much hacking is required for 1 square feet

  • It is appropriate to have approximately 60 to 70 indents per square feet. 

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