What is spalling of concrete : Its causes and repair

Spalling of concrete

When few parts of the concrete debond from the structure due to reinforcement rusting is called spalling of concrete.

Reason of spalling of concrete :- 

  • Rusting 
  • Chemical attack
  • Penetration of carbon dioxide in structure 
  • Chlorides attacks 
  • Decrease in ph value of concrete 
  • Freeze thaw 
  • Polluted environment 

Stages involves in spalling of concrete 

1. Penetration of harmful gases like carbon , nitrates , sulphur with rain water into the structure 

2. Harmful gases start to change the nature of concrete from alkaline to acidic.

3. Acid concrete surface starts damaging the protective layer of reinforcement because of which concrete is separated from the reinforcement.

How to repair spalling concrete 

Step 1 :- Clean all the loose particles.

Step 2 :- To Apply the zinc rich primer on rusting reinforcement.

Step 3 :- Apply the bonding agent on the concrete surface and fix repair with the help of non shrink lightweight mortar .


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