How to waterproof a swimming pool

Waterproofing system in swimming pool 

A swimming pool is a structure that is designed to hold water so that people can swim in it and also designed for other leisure activities 

1.R.C.C Slab :- During casting of R.C.C slab we should mix the integral waterproofing compound inside it. 

2. Bore packing :- It is very critical area of the swimming pool and chances of leakage are more in this types of areas so to avoid this Bore packing should be done by using Non shrink structural grout .

3. Protection screed :-Screeding should be done by using SBR admixture with bonding agent and provide proper slope as per the Drawing.

4. Primer application :- Primer seal the porosity of the substrate and provide bonding bridge to the waterproofing membrane. we should use a primer that can bear hydrostatic pressure.

5. Coving :- We make coving where there is a dissimilar joints and chances of leakage are more in such types of joints, so to avoid this we should use coving tapes. 

6. Waterproofing :- we should use a Waterproofing  that can bear hydrostatic pressure .

7. Adhesive :- We should use an adhesive that has water resistant and deformation properties. 

8. Tiling & Epoxy grouting:- Tiling should be done by using proper adhesive as per the manufacturer instruction.We should avoid cement grout in an area like s, we should use epoxy grout there. 

9. Railing 

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