How to construct a Bathroom with 100 % waterproof

Full  System of approach of a Bathroom

It is a Room whose floor is always in the water contact and we use it to wash our hand, bath and some times for toilet. 9 steps of construction :- 

1. R.C.C Slab :- During casting of R.C.C slab we should mix the integral waterproofing compound inside it. 

2. Brick wall :- When we construct brick wall, we should mix SBR product inside the mortar.

3. Plaster work :- if we do plaster with normal cement sand mortar then there is a lot of chances of shrinkage cracks inside it, so to avoids cracks we should mix SBR product inside the mortar.

4. Coving :- We make coving where there is a dissimilar joints and chances of leakage are more in such types of joints, so to avoid this we should make a smooth curve by using cement sand mortar with SBR.

5. Bore packing :- It is very critical area of the bathroom and chances of leakage are more in this types of areas so to avoid this Bore packing should be done by using Non shrink structural grout .

6. Waterproofing :- Waterproofing should be done as the manufacturer guidences.

7. Protection screed :- We can also do tiling directly on top of waterproofing membrane but to maintain proper slope level we must do screed with bonding agents.

8. Tiling :- Tiling should be done by using proper adhesive as per the manufacturer instruction.

9. Epoxy grouting:- We should avoid cement grout in an area like bathroom, we should use epoxy grout there.    

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