General Specification of First Class Buildings

Foundation and Plinth. Foundation and Plinth shall be of Ist Class brick
work in lime or cement mortar over a bed of cement concrete 1:6:18.

Superstructure:- Superstructure
shall be of  Ist class brick work in
cement mortar 1:6 or 1:7

Damp proof course. D.P.C shall be 4 cm thick cement
concrete (1:2;4) with two coats of bitumen laid hot

Roofing. Roof
shall be of R.C.C.  Slab with an
insulation layer of lime or cement concrete 8 cm thick over it with a tile
flooring, cement pointed on the top. Height of the room shall not be less than
3.70 m.

Flooring. Terrazzo floors or mosaic or floor tiles should be provided
in drawing,dining,bath and W.C. Conglomerate Polished floors 4 cm thick 1:2:4
should be provided in bed rooms and other rooms.

Doors and windows. Doors and windows shall be of
teak wood. Shutters shall be of teak wood 4.5 cm thick paneled or paneled and
glazed with additional wire gauge shutters. All fittings shall be of brass.
Windows shall be provided with iron grills.

Finishing. The inner and outer walls shall have 1.25 cm thick
cement plaster . Drawing ,dining and bed rooms shall be distempered two coats
or with two coats of plastic paints and other white washed three coats. Outside
walls shall be coloured snow-cem washed two coats over one coat of white

Painting. All doors and windows shall be painted two coats with high
class enamel paint over one coat of priming or spirit polished.

Miscellaneous. Building shall be provided with first class sanitary
and water  supply fittings and electrical
installations. One meter wide brick apron shall be provided all around the

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