ASTM C5 :- Quicklime for Structural Purposes

This specification covers all classes of quicklime such as crushed lime, granular lime, ground lime, lump lime, pebble lime, and pulverized lime, used for structural purposes. 

X1.1 Introduction

X1.1.1 Quicklime can never be used as such for structural purposes; it must always be slaked first. Since the method of slaking is an important factor in determining the quality of the finished product, the following directions for the preparation of lime putty are given, not as a part of the specification, but as
information for the further protection of the purchaser.

X1.2 Classification of Limes

X1.2.1 In a bucket, put two or three lumps of lime about the size of one’s fist, or, in the case of granular lime, an equivalent amount. Add sufficient water to just barely cover the lime, and note how long it takes for slaking to begin. Slaking has begun when pieces split off from the lumps or when the lumps
crumble.Water of the same temperature should be used for test and field practice.

X1.2.2 If slaking begins in less than 5 min, the lime is quick slaking; from 5 to 30 min, medium slaking; over 30 min, slow slaking.

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