The Ultimate Guide to Waterproofing Facade Panel Joints

Generally, we used white cement to seal the Facade Panel Joints, but after a while, it developed cracks owing to movement inside the materials caused by differing coefficients of thermal expansion.

So, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, the ideal technique to seal the Facade Panel Joints is to use flexible sealants.


Substrate Preparation (Facade Panel Joints)

  • The joint edges must be dry, clean, structurally sound, and devoid of oil, grease, dust, and other barrier materials that might prevent the bond from adhering to the substrate.
  • It is recommended that polyethylene closed cell backer rod be used to guarantee correct joint depth and prevent three-sided adhesion.
  • To get precise lines, apply masking tape throughout the length of the joint. Remove the masking tape while the sealant is still soft.


  • To apply flexible sealants easily and uniformly, a typical sealant application Gun is necessary. Place the flexible sealants sausage in the gun after cutting it open at one end. Fill the joint by placing the nozzle of the sealants gun at the bottom of it by 45-degree angles.
  • To avoid air entrapment, maintain a continuous flow of sealant. To make a concave surface, tooled the sealant surface smooth with a spatula dipped in soap water.


  • Flexible sealants can be removed off tools and equipment immediately after use with any solvent such as toluene or xylene. Any hardened material must be mechanically removed.


  • Wear gloves and eye/face protection as needed. If contact occurs with the eyes, rinse immediately with lots of water and seek medical attention; if contact occurs with the skin, wash immediately with plenty of soap and water.
  • Maintain personal hygiene, including washing hands after finishing work or during any interruptions while work is in process. To avoid infecting the insides, take care when removing gloves. In the event of an accident, seek medical attention.

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