BS 1881-11 Testing concrete — Part 113: Method for making and curing no-fines test cubes


This Part of this British Standard describes the
method for making and curing 150 mm test cubes of
fresh no-fines concrete made with aggregate having
a nominal maximum size of 40 mm or less.


6.1 Making test cubes. 
Fit the extension piece to
the mould and, using the scoop, carefully place a
layer of concrete, about 75 mm deep, into the mould,
ensuring that the corners of the mould are properly
filled; this can be done with the aid of a small trowel
or spatula. Place the square bearing plate of the
tamper on top of the concrete with the axis of the
tamper vertical. Raise the rammer to the top of its
travel so that it just touches the top of the sleeve
without slack. 
Allow the rammer to drop freely,
through a distance of 300 mm, ± 3 on to the
concrete.Complete ten such blows on the bottom
layer of concrete. Carefully fill the top half of the
mould until the concrete is just above the top of the
mould and slightly heaped towards the centre.
Compact the top layer with ten blows of the hammer
in a similar manner to the bottom layer.

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