BS EN 12390 -2 :- Testing hardened concrete

BS EN 12390 -2 :- Testing hardened concrete Part 2: Making and curing specimens
for strength tests

This European Standard specifies methods for making and curing test specimens for strength tests. It covers
the preparation and filling of moulds, compaction of the concrete, levelling the surface, curing of test
specimens and transporting test specimens.

Table of Contents


  • Moulds :-  conforming to EN 12390-1
  • Filling frame (optional) :- Filling of the moulds may be simplified by using a filling frame fitted tightly to the mould.
  • Means of compacting the concrete (one of the following) 
    • Internal (poker) vibrator with a minimum frequency of 120 Hz (7 200 cycles per minute), the diameter of
      the internal vibrator not exceeding one-quarter of the smallest dimension of the test specimen; 
    • Vibrating table with a minimum frequency of 40 Hz (2 400 cycles per minute);
    • Compacting rod of circular cross-section, made of steel, having a diameter of approximately 16 mm, of
      length approximately 600 mm and with rounded ends; 
    • Compacting bar, straight, made of steel having a square cross-section of approximately 25 mm x 25 mm
      and length approximately 380 mm;
  • Steel trowel of float
  • Remixing container :- A flat tray of rigid construction and made from a non-absorbent material not
    readily attacked by cement paste. It shall be of appropriate dimensions such that the concrete can be
    thoroughly re-mixed, using the square-mouthed shovel.
  • Shovel, with square mouth
  • Non-reactive mould release material
  • Mallet, soft faced.


  • Preparation and filling of the moulds
  • Compaction of the concrete 
  • Mechanical vibration 
  • Compacting by hand with compacting rod or bar
  • Surface levelling 
  • Marking
  • Curing of test specimens 
  • Transport of test specimens 

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