What is Laitance and its effects

What is laitance

is generally caused by bleeding of concrete. The certain quantity of cement come on the surface in case of bleeding. This formation of cement paste is called Laitance.
 After casting the slab several times, apply a layer of cement paste of 2 to 3 mm for the purpose of smoothing the concrete surface is also a type of laitance.

Laitance effects:-

1. Due to the laitance, the concrete top surface loses its bearing and wearing quality.

2. If we have to put any flooring on top of the surface, then we have to remove the laitance because of weak bonding strength with mother concrete slab

3. The laitance is like a layer if it is a rattle from one place, then the whole surface rattles up.

4. Laitance causes shrinkage cracks also on the surface.

5. Because of the laitance, concrete slab does not get the strength because of lack of curing water.

6. A layer of cement paste swells at the time of the rain, due to which the entire layer goes out.

How we can remove laitance:-

  • 1.Blasting
  • 2.Mechanical Planning
  • 3.scabbling
  • 4.Grinding
  • 5.Acid etching

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  1. Informative article. Laitance is a commonly occurring problem, the information you have shared about laitance is beneficial and significant for us. As a construction company providing Scabbling services, I am glad to come across this article. Thank you for sharing this. Great blog.

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