How to do Anti Termites Treatments in a building by chemical ?

Anti-termite treatment  is the treatment given to the structure to protect it against Attack by subterranean termites, using a suitable chemical. The chemical barrier is a layer of soil in contact with the structure that has been suitably treated with approve chemical, so as to form an impervious barrier to kill that termites.

The following procedure of anti termite treatment to be done at the project site are based on IS 6313: 2001

  • The surface of the ground should be clean, compacted and firm. it should be free from any organic impurities.
  • Safety goggles,  gloves  and face mask should be readily available at the site.
  • The person conducting the anti termite treatment should be trained and should be wearing all the above safety gear during the operation.
  • preliminary moistening should be done when the soil is Sandy, loose and porous because the chemical solution may be lost due to percolation.
  • The chemical treatment of the soil should start only after the foundation trenches and pits are ready for concrete.
  • Treatment should not be given when the soil is wet due to rains or sub-soil water.
  • In the waterlogged area, dewatering should be done and the chemical emulsion should be applied when the soil is absorbent.

Treatment of RCC foundation:-

  • The procedure of treatment, the chemical used and the dosage shall be mentioned for the masonry structure. Treatment need not be started from the bottom of the excavation pit
  • Open excavation:- Holes of depth 300 mm, spaced at 150 mm Centre to Centre is made by driving rod into the ground(20mm).The solution is then spread over the area as per manufacturer instruction (Normally 7.5l/m2)

Table of Contents

Treatment on top of plinth filling:-

  • The top surface of the consolidated earth made in the plinth wall shall be treated with chemical emulsion at doses rate of 5l/m2.
  • If the top surface of this earth is rammed and prevents the emulsion from seepage easily than holes of diameter 12 mm, 50 to 75 mm depth that should be made using Steel rods at a spacing of 150 mm center to center to help the emulsion saturate the soil.

After construction

  • After the chemical treatment is given for horizontal surface, whether further concreting will have to be done, it should be cover with LDPE sheet as a separation layer.
  • The person doing the treatment should wash thoroughly before eating or drinking water, to avoid any unwanted physical hazards

Safety precautions:-

  • The direction of the wind has been checked before spring the chemical the person doing the treatment should not face the wind.
  • Accidental absorption of the chemical through the skin can cause poisoning.
  • Chemical should be stored in a separate area.
  • The chemical or the emulsion should be kept away from any source of fire, flame or heat.

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