How to stop the running water in the basement area

How to Turn Off the Water Supply When Utilizing Polyurethane Foam for Waterproofing

When dealing with water intrusion, it is essential to control the water flow before applying waterproofing materials like polyurethane foam (PU foam). Here’s the step-by-step process to ensure a successful application:


Before applying any waterproofing products, drill the necessary holes for the Non-Return Valve (NRV) packer. Use a hydraulic binder for immediate fixing of the packers if water emerges as you drill. This quick-setting Hydraulic cement binder takes about two to three minutes to dry.

Infusion Packer Fixing:

After drilling, it’s time to secure the injection packer. This can be done using either an epoxy-based bonding agent or a fast-drying hydraulic binder. The number of holes drilled should depend on the extent of the affected area, but ensure they are no more than one meter apart.


Now that the packer is fixed, you can begin injecting the grouting materials as per the technical specifications. In damp conditions, the use of epoxy- or cement-based materials is advisable.

Dealing with Continuous Water Flow:

If water persists, consider using Ultrarapid PU Foam-based waterproofing products designed for such scenarios. To improve the reaction of these products, add an accelerator as directed by the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Reducing Water Pressure:

To simplify the application process, temporarily reduce the water pressure and use an NRV Packer only for such scenarios.

Post Water Shutoff:

After successfully turning off or controlling the water flow, inject a grout combo of PU foam-based products. This creates a sturdy reinforcement for the compromised structure.

Use Ultrarapid Pu Foam-based waterproofing products if the water flow is continuous. We may also boost the materials’ responses by adding accelerature, the amount of which is determined by the manufacturer’s instructions.
If water is running continuously, try to reduce the water pressure with a temporary arrangement before inserting the materials by utilizing an NRV Packer.

Once the water is turned off, we may inject cement or epoxy grout to strengthen the entire structure.

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