Porcelain / Natural Stone Tiles Composition, Appearance, and Durability,

The differences between porcelain tiles and natural stone in terms of water absorption, thickness, bonding, color fluctuation, heat coefficient, and adhesive needs are quite helpful, so thank you for providing that information. These are the points you noted, broken down

1. Water Absorption: –
           Porcelain tiles: Absorb less than 0.5% of their total surface area.
           Natural stone: Absorb less than 3% of their total surface area.


 2.    Thickness: Porcelain / Natural Stone Tiles

·      Porcelain tiles: 5 to 10 mm thick.

·      Natural stone is often offered in India in thicknesses between 18 and 20 mm.


 3.  Using Cement Mortar to Bond: Porcelain / Natural Stone Tiles

·      Ceramic tiles: Due to their poor water absorption, they might be difficult to connect with cement mortar.

·       Naturalstone: Due to its increased water absorption capacity, it may create a solid bond with cement mortar.


 4.    Color Variation Porcelain / Natural Stone Tiles

·      Natural stone’s hue may change as a result of cement mortar’s water absorption.


 5.    Energy Efficiency: Porcelain / Natural Stone Tiles

·      The thermal coefficient of porcelain tiles is comparable to that of glass,demonstrating how they react to temperature fluctuations.


 6.    White marble adhesive: Porcelain / Natural Stone Tiles

·      A particular cleaning regimen and the use of a white cement-based glue may be necessary to maintain the beauty of the natural stone known as white marble.

When deciding between porcelain tiles and genuine stone for different purposes, such as flooring, worktops, or wall cladding, these contrasts highlight some of the essential considerations to take into account. Depending on the individual needs of a project, variables like as water absorption, thickness, bonding qualities, and color consistency might affect the decision. 

Porcelain / Natural Stone Tiles
Porcelain / Natural Stone Tiles

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