“Ceramic Tile Classification According to Water Absorption and Shaping per BS EN 14411

 Ceramic Tile Classification

Water absorption (E)

Types of GROUPS

≤0.5 %


0.5% < E ≤­ 3%


3% < E ­ ≤ 6%


6% < E ­ 10%


E >10






Type Ia (Water Absorption ≤ 0.5%): Ceramic tiles in this category have very low water absorption, making them ideal for various uses where water resistance is important. These tiles are ideal for places prone to wetness and high humidity.
Type Ib (0.5% < Water Absorption ≤ 3%): Ceramic tiles in this group have slightly higher water absorption compared to Type Ia but are still relatively water-resistant. They can be used in situations where some contact to moisture is expected but not excessive.
Type IIa (3% < Water Absorption ≤ 6%): Tiles coming into this group have moderately higher water absorption. They are good for indoor uses but may not be the best choice for places with heavy exposure to water or where frequent wetting happens.
Type IIb (6% < Water Absorption ≤ 10%): Tiles in this group have a middling to high water absorption rate. They are more suitable for indoor uses where limited exposure to moisture is expected. These tiles may not be suggested for outdoor use or areas with heavy water contact.
Type III (Water Absorption > 10%): Ceramic tiles in this group have the best water absorption rate. They are not ideal for areas with major water exposure and are usually meant for use in dry, indoor applications.
The classification system based on water absorption helps customers and builders pick ceramic tiles that are good for specific environments, considering factors like humidity, wetness, and exposure to moisture.


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