Tiling onto Concrete surface ?

  • For at least 28 days, concrete surfaces should be dry. hydrostatic, ancient, and devoid of standing water pressure and a plenty of moisture.
  • The concrete’s quality must provide a direct tensile bond of at least 1.2 mPA.
  • Concrete slabs must be laid above and below grade over an adequate and efficient vapor barrier in accordance with industry requirements.
  • Fresh concrete surfaces have to be broom- or wood-finished. Prepare concrete substrates mechanically to a minimum concrete surface profile (CSP) of 2 or 3 according to the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) in order to lay mortars.
  • Steel-troweled slabs must be avoided or given extra care required.
  • Concrete floors with supplemental cementitious materials, such as fly ash with a composition of 20% or more, with admixtures, and with concrete that has been hard-troweled may have bonding problems. These factors make a connection. 
  • To ensure a strong relationship, tests should always be run. The concrete surface should be mechanically abraded if an appropriate bond cannot be made. Additional bond tests must to be carried out; if a strong bond cannot be made.
  • Topical liquid-applied curing agents, curing compounds, topical sealants, or silicate-based hardeners must all be physically abraded off of concrete slabs in order for them to be fully removed. 
  • Utilise a water-drop test to determine porosity.
  • Concrete slabs that have undergone chemical treatment to help with the removal of floor coverings and adhesives during asbestos abatement processes may have chemical residue. When dealing with chemically abated concrete, there are two options: either remove the contaminated area or clean and encase it.
  • Keep the concrete substrate continually wet for at least 24 hours prior to starting work on overly dry porous concrete. Before applying the levelling mortar or setting mortar, remove all extra water and standing water, enabling the surface to almost dry out to create a saturated surface dry (SSD) state.

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