How to Store Tile Adhesive at Site level ?

Adhesive is hygroscopic in nature and therefore can easily absorb moisture from the air hence it requires protection from dampness and humidity as it can lose strength and form lumps.

In most construction projects godowns are constructed at the site for storage of a few days requirements of Adhesive.
  1. The wall must be plastered and made damp proof.
  2. The roof must be given an appropriate waterproofing treatment.
  3. For further protection, Adhesive bags should be stacked at least 10-20 cm clear above the floor by providing wooden battens and planking arrangements.
  4. If any windows are provided these should be few and small and normally kept tightly closed to prevent the entry of atmospheric moisture from outside.
  5. A newly constructed godown should not be used for storage of adhesive unless its interior is thoroughly dry.

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