A short notes on Parts of a Residential building

Parts of Residential Building 

  • Foundation :- The part of the building below the ground level that support superstructure load is called foundation.
  • Plinth level :- The parts of the superstructure  between ground level and finished floor level is called plinth level.  

  • Ground floor :- The ground floor of the building is the floor that is as the same level as the ground outside. 
  • DPC :- A damp proof course is a horizontal barrier that is designed to prevent moisture rising through capillary action. 
  • Staircase :- A staircase is the part of the building whose join the building at different levels.

  • Window :- The function of the window is that is maintain the proper ventilator and lighting system in the house 
  • Door :- A  piece of metal, wood, glass etc that protect us from thieves and divides the building into different spaces. 
  • Parapet wall :- A low height wall that is built adjacent to a roof. 
  • Sill level :- The base of the window is called sill.
  • Lintel :- A lintel is a beam which transfer the vertical load to the wall without affecting the door and window.    

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