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Important terminology of staircase 

Step :- A portion of staircase consist tread and riser and allow ascent and descent from one floor to another.

Tread :- The horizontal upper part of a step on which foot is placed in ascending or descending a stairway.

Riser :- The vertical portion of a step providing a support to the tread.

Newel post :- It is a wooden or metallic post supporting the hand rail and usually provided as the head and foot .

Pitch :- It is the angle which the line of nosing of the stair makes with the horizontal.

String :- These are the sloping wooden members providing support for the steps.

Landing :-  A platform or resting place provided between two flights. 

Baluster :- It is a wooden, metal or masonry vertical supporting member supporting a hand rail.

Handrail :-  They are supported on balustrades and usually run parallel to the slope of staircase .

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