Is Fifth Generation (5G network) Dangerous

Fifth Generation (5G network)

5G will provide speed work on the internet as well as  provide reliable communication.5G means fifth generation. Most of the people are using 3G/4G network today. If 5G has lot of advantage in the world then there are some disadvantages:-

Advantage of 5G :-

  • Due to 5G, there will be a lot of help in medical treatment.
  • Increase accuracy while talking on social networking. Example watch video with no delay or glitches.
  • Increase speed by 10 times in comparison of 4G, which will make easy to download the data in shortest time.
  • Increase the accuracy of GPS.
  • This will also help us in education, we can offer online classes from other countries.
  • Possibility of visualization of universe, planets and galaxies is possible.
  • Natural disaster can be detected speedily.
  • Easy to control your personal computer with cell phone.
  • We can increase security and privacy.
  • We can use 5G technology in weapons.

Disadvantage of 5G :-

  • Reduced the Brain capacity of human being.
  • Decrease the life of Birds & Animals.
  • Increase chances of brain tumor and cancer.
  • Initial setup is very expensive.
  • Impact on skin & eye health.
  • Decrease bacterial resistant.
  • Increase Biological effect like damage DNA,disrupt brain activity etc.
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