Housekeeping is a process that keeps the site clean and safe. If we work on the project, there are some areas where there is no lighting, if we do not keep clean, then it becomes a big accident.

Safety Instructions

  • On the site, we should have an instrument that can protect our face, head, ears, and hand or foot fingers and respiratory system

We should always wear safety helmets on the site because anything from above can fall down

We should use Hearing eyes and face protection.

To save your respiratory system, you should wear the nose marks.

  • When we work on height, we should always use the Safety Belt and  Safety Net

Instructions at the site:-

  • Do not let children under the age of 18 work on the site

Nails which comes out from plywood  Formwork should be removed

  • Any holes in the site like a manhole, septic tank hole, and inspection Chamber  should we closed

Smoking drinking and Tobacco should not be used on site if there is any use it should be punishable

  • The worker working on the machines should have a machine card
  • No temporary electric connection should be passed from the wet area of the building
  • Keep heavy equipment at least two feet from the trench edges
  • A first aid kit or a snake bite kit in the site for the emergency is mandatory
  • No connection of the Temporary Electric Board should be loose.
  • Use safety sign around the site to warn workers of potential danger

  • Place scaffolding on firm even ground and check the area periodically

The foam-based Fire extinguisher should be located at critical areas and provide proper training to the workers

Management of site

  • Toilet and surrounding areas should be clean on daily basis by disinfectants

  • Water should we Sprinkled on the site’s roads to prevent the dust from Rising due to vehicle movements

  • Materials such as pipes that could roll must be blocked to rolling

  • Glass, granite, and marble should be stack on A-frame

Sand or coarse aggregate heaps should be circumvented with concrete blocks.

  • Danger sign symbol should be placed in such areas where there is also inflammable material

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